For bookings please fill out our form here:

Email Kyle at for all other show related questions (please DO NOT email directly for bookings)

Sorry, we are a 21+ venue and cannot book acts with any underage performers.

Include links to music, website/social media, dates you're looking for. PLEASE no attachments, they crowd the inbox.

Don't send automated inquiries from ReverbNation, IndieBooker, etc etc. A little bit of personality goes a long way.

If you're going to cancel with less than two weeks notice, please try to find a replacement. (No one has ever actually done this, why not be the first?)

Please avoid playing other Denver shows the same week, it's not doing any of us (you, us, other venues) any favors.

Please bear in mind that when you request a specific time slot, what you are really saying (the vast majority of the time) is, "We think it sucks to play at this other time, and would feel much better if someone else had to do the thing that we think sucks." Don't make other people do things that you think suck.

Also, please don't add us to your band's mailing list. C'mon, just don't.