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Ned Garthe Explosion // Funk Hunk // Bolonium

NGX is legendary.

Ned Garthe Explosion (hereafter known as NGX) started in 2012 in Denver, CO. Stuart Confer (drums, guitar, vocals) was a mixed martial arts instructor at this really cool training gym and could swing these nunchucks real fast so I asked him if he could beat up a drum set for me (Ned) because it was making fun of me. Stuart said he would only fight if provoked because of the code he lives by. Then he saw the drum set trip me so he jumped in and has been beating up drums in my gang from then on. He is keeping our community safe from violence n' sh** like that. I found Spencer Alred (alto bass, French horn, keys) and Tyler Breuer (Synth, bongos, vocals) on Craigslist.

$8adv / $10dos




"With a deft scalpel and a dance-floor sensibility, Funk Hunk reworks these forgotten 80s jams into a collection of serious heaters your DJ crates cant do without" -

Labeling themselves as the only band that is full of Bolonium. Richard Taylor (Vocals/Accordion), Tim Johnson (Lead Guitar), Bonnie Finely (Drums), and Paul Day (Bass) have mastered the goofy early 80s art school vibes of DEVO while channeling Weird Al Yankovic’s patented satire without cynicism, bringing their own brand of musical wit into the 21st century.