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To Be Astronauts // and the black feathers // Charliehorse

To Be Astronauts: Forged in the black heart of a dying star; by space gods, time travelers, and alchemists,a brand of super epic, heavy, psychedelic punk rock has been beamed directly into the heads of unsuspecting earthlings.

And The Black Feathers: Born on Colfax Ave, And The Black Feathers combines punchy garage rock with heartfelt lyrics and soulful hooks. Staples of the Colorado music scene, this sharply dressed quartet has packed clubs and venues in the Denver Area for years and has toured the Southwest and Midwest extensively. For fans of The Strokes, The Clash, The Black Keys, and The Rolling Stones, and made exclusively to reinvigorate anyone who thought that the soul of rock n roll had died with its originators.

$8, 21+

Doors 9pm