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Debut of Heated Bones w/ Sawmill Joe & King Cardinal

Heated Bones has arrived from a long journey of a conceptual road in writing. Josh Moorehead & Zach Holcomb were feeling creative and wanted to be able to express that outside of their main group The Guestlist. Immediately recruiting Zac Wright of Larry Nix, the group started writing a lot of lyrics but they all had a similar constant, they had a muse. Who or what is this Muse? The name is Roy. He's a rather striking individual who through time and space has proven to be a truly legendary Sage. Once the concepts were there, the group brought on Kris Jackson (I Am Love, Restless Ones) who began to truly kindle the fire of the writing. After orchestrating countless songs with more words then the group knew what to do with, they are ready to go out and share the stories.

$7 Doors 8:30pm